Christianity Explored

One life: what's it all about?

We all get just one life to live and deep down we are all trying to answer the same question: what's it all about?

Christianity Explored is a short course that investigates the heart of Christianity, giving you the opportunity to consider the big questions of life and discover the person at the centre - Jesus Christ.


Over 7 weeks we look at the Gospel of Mark, the shortest of the four Gospels in the Bible. We won't ask you to sing or pray or read aloud; you can ask any questions you want, or just listen.

Here's a short video which gives you an idea of what the course is about:

We hope you will join us for our next session but you can visit anytime.

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Sundays in December

Sunday 3 December
10:30pm - Daada Luogon (LCM)
Communion Service

Sunday 10 December
10:30pm - James Dean

Sunday 17 December
10:30am - James Dean
5:00pm - Christmas Carol Service

Sunday 24 December
10:30am - Breakfast with Carols

Sunday 31 December
No Service

For details of other events please see the calendar

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Christianity Explored

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