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You should find all you need to know about BEC in the content and pages below. If something isn't clear or you still have questions please feel free to contact us and ask.

Who are we?

Buckingham Evangelical Church was founded in 1990. In a world filled with indifference, confusion and contradictory religious beliefs, our aim is to help people find the Lord Jesus Christ and follow Him. So we desire to point people to the Bible, where the Lord Jesus and God's truth is found.

The term evangelical - simply means "good news". The Good News that we teach is that a loving God sent his Son into this world to be our Saviour by taking upon Himself the punishment for our wrongdoing. Through faith in Him we are delivered from our sins and just condemnation.

We are affiliated to the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC).

Heavy Snowfall - 10 December

Due to the heavy snowfall overnight and continuing snowfall expected throughout today, many of the roads coming into Buckingham are unsafe, as are the estate roads. Therefore we will not meet at BMA today.

If you're able to walk to be with others from the fellowship, please do so. Encourage one another, spend time in God's word and pray together. If you're able to, please phone around to ensure everyone is warm and well.

God willing, we'll be back at BMA next Sunday, 17th December.

Sunday Meetings

We meet at Bourton Meadow Academy each Sunday morning. The service starts at 10:30am and runs for about an hour and a half including time for singing, praying and teaching from God's Word.

During the service we have several Sunday school classes catering for children aged 4-14 (year 9), and a creche for infants (0-3).

At the end we always serve tea and coffee so please stay so you can find out who we are and we can get to know you as well.

You can click here for a map showing how to find Bourton Meadow Academy.


There are several venues that we use throughout the week. Please check the diary and confirm which location you need before travelling.

Bourton Meadow Academy

Bourton Meadow Academy

Our usual meeting place is at Bourton Meadow Academy in Buckingham. We meet in the main hall each Sunday morning at 10:30am and in the Bourton Centre for some evening services which start at 6.30pm.

The school address is:

Bourton Meadow Academy
Burleigh Piece
MK18 7HX

Bourton Meadow Academy can be found in Burleigh Piece on the Linden Village estate on the east side of Buckingham. There is plenty of parking at the front of the building.

Click here for an interactive map from Google.

Midweek Meetings

We encourage everyone at BEChurch to be involved in our midweek meetings. In this way we can help each other grow in our faith as we meet together for prayer, to study the bible and to get to know one another.

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Sundays in December

Sunday 3 December
10:30pm - Daada Luogon (LCM)
Communion Service

Sunday 10 December
10:30pm - James Dean

Sunday 17 December
10:30am - James Dean
5:00pm - Christmas Carol Service

Sunday 24 December
10:30am - Breakfast with Carols

Sunday 31 December
No Service

For details of other events please see the calendar

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Buckingham Evangelical Church is affiliated to the Felllowship of Independent Evangelical Churches