CAP Money Course

CAP Money Course: budget. save. spend.

Over 3 weeks the CAP Money Course will change the way you think about money and how you use it. Our next course starts after Christmas in January 2018.

Click here to register or phone James on 01280 824427.

The course is completely free of charge.

What are you like with money? Are you a spender or a saver? Do you know where every penny goes or does money just burn a hole in your pocket? Are you in control of your finances or are they a source of fear or concern?

The CAP Money Course teaches you a very easy to use system that helps you take control of your income and outgoings. It doesn't matter whether you're facing a mountain of debt, want to save for a car or a summer holiday, want to save for the future or be able to increase you charity giving, the CAP Money course can help you.

Not convinced? Watch Katie's story or Maneeka's story to see how CAP can help turn things around for you too.


Sundays in December

Sunday 3 December
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Sunday 17 December
10:30am - James Dean
5:00pm - Christmas Carol Service

Sunday 24 December
10:30am - Breakfast with Carols

Sunday 31 December
No Service

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